Buy 2 more, 20% discount on Rakuten canoha.

Buy 2 more, 20% discount on Rakuten canoha.

Although canoha have been running own webshop, we’ve had several other webshops. Rakuten canoha is one of them. On the Rakuten canoha, we’ve provided with good offer which is buy 2 or more, all items are 20% discounted. And also you can get ten time 

All items 5% OFF★ canoha net shop (-12/25 ,Fri)

All items 5% OFF★ canoha net shop (-12/25 ,Fri)

All items 5% OFF shopping coupon ******** The purchase amount can be used for 1,000 yen or more, and it is a coupon code that will be discounted by 5% → [shop120thx3] Please enter th is code when purchasing. ********** If you are looking 

New Sashiko pattern has been new listed on canoha netshop.

New Sashiko pattern has been new listed on canoha netshop.

The sashimi yumefukin of Yokota Co., Ltd., famous for Dharma yarn.
There were already a lot of products to handle, but this time we have received some modern patterns.

Now you have all kinds♪

Yumefukin (Kyoto Vegetables)
Play in the old days
Striberry (disambiguation)

Kitchen Motifs

Dharma Yumefukin has very fine cloth, and the finish can be used as a cloth, of course, I think that it can also be used as a handkerchief.

This pattern has a lot of margin space, so it is one of the charms to finish it in a short time♪

Please enjoy it by all means.

Lilisting Sashiko threads on canoha netshop.

Lilisting Sashiko threads on canoha netshop.

Yokota Co., Ltd.’s Dharma sashimi yarns arrived in early October. Before I knew it, there were few left. Thank you very much. Thank you! It was newly restocked yesterday! I look at the manufacturer’s missing goods, and all colors are complete now. (If it is 

All items 5% OFF (11/7, Sat -11/21, Sat) on canoha shopping site.

All items 5% OFF (11/7, Sat -11/21, Sat) on canoha shopping site.

******** The purchase amount can be used for 1,000 yen or more, it is a coupon code that becomes 5% discount → [ shop120thx2 ] When you purchase, please enter this code. ********** If you are looking for products that you are worried about 

Relisted Sashiko pettern printed items.

Relisted Sashiko pettern printed items.

The last time was Orimpas sashimi flower fukins, which arrived on September 9t
h. Thankfully, it gradually became thin from the popular pattern, because the stock zero products have increased considerably, it has been suddenly restocked.

However, manufacturers are also affected by measures to prevent corona infection, and demand is much higher than usual, and supply is not keeping up. Therefore, there are some patterns that cannot be replenished yet, but I purchased it from the one which can be purchased, and I uploaded it to the net shop today.

It is expected to be in stock in December at the early next time.

So is sashimi fukin, but in fact, Yokota Co., Ltd.’s Dharma sashimi card roll also became less and less if you noticed.

Dharma Sashimi Thread Card Roll

We will also consider restocking here!

It’s going to get colder and
colder. Please enjoy ticking at home♪

Get 10% OFF coupon and enjoy online shopping (until Sunday, October 25)

Get 10% OFF coupon and enjoy online shopping (until Sunday, October 25)

The other day on SNS, we were informed of a sudden price revision. I’m sorry for the sudden report again and again. We are still working together with inventory arrangement, but in order to express our gratitude to all of you, we have issued a 

About ordered items shipping.

About ordered items shipping.

Thank you very much for always using the canoha net shop. It is closed on Thursdays and Fridays, but we are engaged in basic shipping services. However, on October 23 (Friday), shipping work is difficult, and we plan to respond to 10/24 (Saturday) of the 

The canoha website is new!

Today, we renewed the canoha website.

We are still in the process of verifying the system, but we are in a situation where we can contact you, so we will report it to you.

Points of renewal

1. Top

After all, it is the top page that you have access to a
lot. Here, canoha summarizes what it offers in an easy-to-understand manner.

Workshop held, hand
made accessories sales, sashim
i products sales

There are three main pillars.

We have also set up the latest information (News column) so that we can quickly inform you of sudden business day changes and announcements such as new product arrivals and sales.

2. Japanese-English (Japanese/English)

Before Corona, we invited people from overseas to hold a sashimi workshop at a rate of 2.3 times a week. Currently, there are no visitors to Japan, so we do not hold it, but we have made it a "Japanese-English corresponding site" in consideration of the future.

The main pages are translated manually, but blogs rely on automatic translation. So there are some strange things about English, but please understand. However, the recent automatic translation is excellent, and the main point is whether it is at the level transmitted.

By the way, WordPress plugin is "Lingotek translation". I tried comparing various other language plug-ins, but I decided because it seems to be easy to use here. It's useful to get used to it.

3. Workshop

There are about 20 workshops currently being held by canoha.

For those who participated, we have distributed a flyer of the workshop list and explained it, but I tried to make it easy to understand even fo
r the first time. In addition, the new power-up is the workshop calendar and payment method.

Until now, all courses have been searched from within one calendar, but this time we have set up a calendar for each course. From there, you will be able to apply by selecting the date and time of your choice.

And the payment method has increase
d. Until now, it was only "cash payment", but from now on, "credit card payment" and "PayPal (PayPal) payment" will also be possible. As a
result, the flow from application to reservation completion will also change.
For details, please refer to the "Application Flow" of each course.

If you're not sure, you can email or call. Please feel free to contact us directly as ever.

4. Net shop

Until now, we have been allowed to guide you to online shops through SNS as appropriate, but we will actively guide you on our website. In order to sell online,
there is a little time lag from production to net sales because there is a photography and exhibition work, but the number of products that can not be put in the store has increased in the back yard. Therefore, I want you to choose the canoha product slowly at everyone's pace, and let me recommend the use of the net shop. The number of sashimi pr
oducts has increased rapidly since the beginning of this year, and I am grateful from the bottom of
my heart. The pace of restocking will also be shortened, and we will make an effort to enjoy shopping more.

The history of the renewal

It's been four years since I started canoha. It's so quick. T
he system adopts WordPress (WordPress) to make it easier for shopkeepers to build and update. A
fter starting the shop, I changed the design once in the second year (was it?) I went to. Af
ter that, the number of businesses increased in various ways, so I had no mind to renew it, but it was May 27, just before the end of the Corona self-exclusion holiday period. "403 error" when you open a website suddenly. I thought that it was corrected after one day, and when I accessed it again the next day, it remains the same error. The 403 error was my first experience,

so I didn't understand the error (sweat). When I contacted the rental server, I said, "In your above server account, we confirmed a large amount of e-mail sending process for e-mail addresses outside of Japan using the server e-mail sending software (Sendmail). That's why they made it ins accessible on the server side. When you confirm the measures to get it released, the point is, "I don't know where the spam or virus was put in
, so delete it all." From the server's point of view, you can see that the only way to deal with it is to do so. (By the way, the rental server is xserver.) I like the ease of buil
ding WordPress and the stability of the server), but until then, the backup is only on the system. But I don't know where the virus is, so don't back up. I understand that, too.

Conclusion. Yes. It's a re-making (l
aughs). So, I spent dozens of hours working hard at night and rebuilding it in a few w
eeks. It's already gone, so I'll put the screen capture as a record (because、、、 I made it over a long time, and I like it quite a bit, so I want to keep it somewhere. )

So that's a question, isn't it?

"Why did you rebuild it and renew it again?" 」

To tell the truth, there is insurance in the case of a cyber attack in the damage compensation of the shop, and in fact, I put it there by the recommendation of the insurance company. Report to the person in charge of the insurance company when the error comes out and the cause is understood. In conclusion, it became possible to cover the system construction and consultation in preparation for future cyber attacks by insurance. So I got a lot of advice from an external system company, and finally it was better to build it again and again in the future.

Since it has just been released, we plan to fine-tune it while looking at customer responses such as usability and operation.

And, the blog which had been absent until now will be updated as appropriate from now on. Until now, I've been using blogs to take SEO measures, but it's all gone. So, I will write soberly again from now on (laughs), so that it is safe even if there is a cyber attack again this time, I will save the main article locally(^_-)-☆

Following on from last year, there are still a lot of things to do this y
ear. It was. Yes, there are a lot of other events besides ^_^;.
I think that I want to write this gradually in the blog, too.

8/16 (Sunday) is open until 15:00-18:00.

8/16 (Sunday) is open until 15:00-18:00.

Thank you very much for visiting the heat wave today. The intense heat continues.Please love yourself. We apologize for the inconvenience tomorrow.It will be open from 15 to 18 o’clock. Two workshops will be held during business hours.There are still seats.If you are interested, please