We will be closed on 8/12 (Wednesday).

We will be closed on 8/12 (Wednesday).

Thank you again today 😊 We apologize for the inconvenience on Wednesday, August 12, but we will take a rest. If you notice, it’s a hazy grass elastic.There are only 2 left. Perfect for the current season ✨ Kasumi grass clear hair elastic Vol.2 And 

Available to apply canoha’s  Workshop in August

Available to apply canoha’s Workshop in August

Canoha workshop schedule.August has been added. This month is after the self-exclusion business period, so in order to prevent new virus infection, we will make up to two people / course.However, because there are not a few “three people want to participate together” and have 

We will be closed on Tuesday, June 30.

We will be closed on Tuesday, June 30.

It is an announcement at the time of the business day.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but we will be closed on Tuesday, June 30th.

If you notice, half a year is about to pass in a few days.

There were a lot of things in the first half of this year.It was time for everyone to look at and think again about where they are and the world.

There are many things waiting for me in the second half.

First of all, I was elected governor of Tokyo (laughs).

Basically, we always go to the polls, but we have never seriously examined or compared the candidate’s claims as seriously as this time.Now, even if you don’t go to the election, you can check it out by yourself in the video.

Yesterday, if only the main candidates participated, I was able to watch a web discussion (Live was impossible, but the archive remained, so I appreciate it.)

As I get older, I can see that my words and actions and gestures don’t match (laughs).More than ten years ago, it was broadcast on TV or Sunday morning, but recently I thought that I would not see policies or political discussions.

Before the Tokyo gubernatorial election, I want to see the discussion between candidates in a few hours by means of terrestrial!I think it’s these days w.Without it, until you examine and compare on your own.I’d like to think about it until I’m satisfied with the last minute of the election day.

Thank you very much tomorrow.

July Workshop Schedule open to the public

The workshop schedule for July has been released. July is in the midst of intense heat every year.Even if you are indoors, you may be worried about heat stroke.A new virus infection prevention measure will be added there this year. At canoha, you will close 

New Accessories "Kasumi Grass & June Birthstone "Freshwater Pearl" Hoop Earrings"

New Accessories "Kasumi Grass & June Birthstone "Freshwater Pearl" Hoop Earrings"

It is a resin accessory that is cool to look at. The dried flower sprouts were confined to resin and made into fuprilla ring. Hazy flower words *** clean heart, innocent, dreamy ****************** ****** With the birthstone “Freshwater Pearl” in June, we made it an