Available to apply canoha’s Workshop in August

Available to apply canoha’s  Workshop in August

Canoha workshop schedule.August has been added.

This month is after the self-exclusion business period, so in order to prevent new virus infection, we will make up to two people / course.However, because there are not a few “three people want to participate together” and have become accustomed to infection prevention measures, we decided to return to the original state up to “three people” in August.

However, since most of them are 1-2 people/courses these days, I feel that there is not much to become MAX.If you are concerned, please contact us in advance.

We started an online accessory workshop last month.I gradually signed up for the first night course next week.It will be held from home.I’m looking forward to it now♪

We are also looking for a sashiko online workshop in the near future.Online is a one-hour course that reduces the time by 30 minutes.It is characterized by the longer time you listen & watch the story than practice.
is the case with the influence of the new corona, it is very 💦 to go out in the middle of summer in the summer of Japan.Please enjoy the canoha workshop by all means from the room where the air conditioner ^_^ at home.

As is the case with workshops, there are still many things we can do and what we want to do.It’s a tough world, but I’m going to move forward while enjoying what I can do now.A pinch is an opportunity♪