• Experience

    You can take Sashiko and resin workshop in Englihsh. And besides, if you are interested in other listed class, please contact us.

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    • [16]刺し子の針山づくり(刺し子・一目刺し)
    • canohaレジンイヤリング・ピアスワーク講座
    • ③初めてのチェーンブレスレット or ネックレス
    • [10]パーツから選んで好みのイヤリング/ピアスを作成
  • Handcrafted Accessories

    canoha creates many sort of accessories, such as natural stones bracelets, birthstone jewelries, flower contained resin earrings, necklace and so on. You can enjoy canoha online shop even from oversea.

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    • canohaハンドメイドジュエリー
    • canohaハンドメイドジュエリー:柔らかなスターチス&グリーン・ヘアゴム
    • canoha birthstone jewelry
    • canoha resin accessories
  • Sashiko

    You can purchase Sashiko patterns printed clothes and threads on canoha e-commerce site even from oversea. And also we provide sahiko experience for beginners in person.

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    • オリムパス:刺し子花ふきん
    • 横田株式会社:ダルマ刺し子糸
    • 刺し子作家「hako」柿の花刺し子リバーシブルふきん
    • ダルマ刺し子糸:カード巻き