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Thank you for visiting “canoha” pages!

I will open a new shop called “canoha” in Ogikubo, Tokyo this march, 2017 for people who are interested in handmade both want to put it on and create. I just would like them to enjoy, be excited and feel happy here, “canoha”. And also I would like them to realize a potential of handmade.

Origin of the name “canoha” came from “Possibility of handmade”. “cano” means “possibility” and “ha” describes coming from “handmade”. I do believe that handmade gives us huge potential, like feeling better during putting it on, having warm feeing when we creates some items for friends, families and lovers. Also recently, we can sell it easily through mainly online commerce. There is many different ways to close to handmade. Now “canoha” provides them with below things.

  • Selling items which canoha selected artists created:
    I will introduce great & lovely items/artists each month.
    Please stop by to meet it!
  • Selling accessories parts/materials for creative work:
    I will provide with parts of accessories. (earrings, charm etc.) Including beads, power stones, 14KGF materials, czech beads and so on. Actually I haven’t decided stable selling items which means may be changed every time you visit. Please enjoy selecting them and your creative work. Also I will prepare assembly kits which everyone can create items easier.
  • Workshop:
    Provide lessons from beginner to advance. Let you know as soon as coerces will be decided on this website.
  • Make to order:
    Not only create bracelet of power stone but also you want to as much as I can. However this specific order will be taken for next step. I will let you know as soon as open to available on this website.

Although canoha will be launched on this march, it’s not prefect start. canoha always keep growing step by step with you.

Please stop by canoha after opened!


<Shop information>

  • Shop name : canoha
  • Launch date : 1st, May 2017 (may be…)
  • Adress : Kyokai street house building 2F, Amanuma, Suginami-ku, Tokyo, Japan
  • Business day : Not stable yet. Please check this website/twiter.
  • Opening time: 12:00 pm to 19:00 pm.