Acceptable Bitcoin cash payment – 仮想通貨決済:ビットコインキャッシュ(BCH)でのお支払いも可能です

Acceptable Bitcoin cash payment - 仮想通貨:ビットコインキャッシュ(BCH)でのお支払いも可能です

English follows Japanese below.



最近現金を使わず、PASMOでのお買い物が多くなりました。とても便利ですよね(^ ^)。


様々なアルトコインでお支払いができるようにしたいのですが、まずご提供できるのはビットコインキャッシュ(Bitcoin cash:BCH)でのお支払いです。




I have recently used cashless payment utilizing PASMO card. It’s very convenient one, isn’t it:).

Now I would like to talking about “Cryptocurrencies” payment. As you know, this has not been popular in Japan yet. Especially it’s extremely hard to find shops which are accepted Cryptocurrencies payment even in Tokyo.

And now I would like to announce that it’s available to pay for by “Bitcoin cash (BCH)” through QR code on your smartphone at canoha.



A below application has been introduced.


システムはBitcoin.com社の「Bitcoin Cash Register (BCH)」。どこでも簡単にビットコインキャッシュ (BCH) を受け取り可能にするPOSアプリです。

仮想通貨でお買い物したい方は、canohaへぜひ(^ ^)。


This simple Point of Sale allows you to accept Bitcoin Cash (BCH) payments at any retail location. All it requires is a public key or an extended public key linked to your wallet to start receiving Bitcoin Cash (BCH) payments.

Please stop by canoha if you would like to use BCH.